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WATCH: Rubio Delivers Weekly GOP Address, Says Growing the Middle Class "Starts With Our People"

Totes Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 6:53 PM
Rubio is another Bush in disguise. He plans to legalize all of the illegal immigrants over a period ot time, in the mean time Mexico deports on a yearly basis over 174 thousand illegal immigrants. The black youth unemployment is around 25 percent, while we have over (i usually double anything statistics the government provides - lack of trust) 25 million illegal mexicans. What about Africans, Indians, Chinese who are waiting to come to the USA!!! Should we only accept Hispanics? All of the politicans claim you cannot deport these illegal immigrants, but Eisenhower deported 3 1/2 million Mexicans, and Truman another 1 1/2 million.

During this week’s GOP address, Florida Senator Marco Rubio essentially condensed what he said during his timely and moving remarks after receiving the Jack Kemp Foundation’s Leadership Award last Tuesday night. In short, he explained -- in less than five minutes -- that the greatest challenge we face as a nation is that too many Americans are unable to rise out of poverty (or the circumstances of their birth) into the middle class. The reason, he says, is twofold: “[1] because our economy is not creating enough [middle class] jobs and [2] because too many of our people don’t...