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I must agree with your opinion. It is crony captialism. The food insustry is booming including wallmart who was one of the largest financial contributor to the Democratic Party.
Rubio is another Bush in disguise. He plans to legalize all of the illegal immigrants over a period ot time, in the mean time Mexico deports on a yearly basis over 174 thousand illegal immigrants. The black youth unemployment is around 25 percent, while we have over (i usually double anything statistics the government provides - lack of trust) 25 million illegal mexicans. What about Africans, Indians, Chinese who are waiting to come to the USA!!! Should we only accept Hispanics? All of the politicans claim you cannot deport these illegal immigrants, but Eisenhower deported 3 1/2 million Mexicans, and Truman another 1 1/2 million.
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The American Welfare State

Totes Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 7:31 PM
Hey Linda, Most of the welfare recipients are from your neck of the woods. Hispanics. Yes. Over eighty percent of the broken vending machines are hispanics. And you want to make legal another twenty five million. If the government says ten you double to arrive at the correct amount. And do you know that Mexico deported 174,000 illegal immigrants from their country last year. Should we try doing the same. But no. It offends Ms. Chavez.
The Republican hope of getting the Hispanics is the same as getting the Jews, 30%, blacks 4%, and catholics 44%. Did any one thought of 100 miilion who did not vote? The latest information from the election is even if Romney got all of the Hispanics votes he would still lost the swing states. The Catholics, and Jews do not vote Republican, and with no evidence to support this, i am venturing to say that out of that 100 million who did not vote most were evangelicas, or Protestants.who said no to Republicans. The future!!!! Self determination. Give the Northeast to the Catholics, Jews, Africans, and Hispanics. California, Washingto, and Oregon Independence. We balkanized the whole world now the pendlum has swung. Deal with it.
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Fewer Babies Born is Bad News for America

Totes Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 9:52 AM
Base on your dumb argument if Canada takes one hundred million new immigrants it will make them the richest country in the world. Harvard logic? Why are you writing for Townhall. You are an educated dunce.
What Americans do not understand about minorities are they do not care if the country collases, or the only have one meal per day, once a minority is in charge. I am from Guyana, and experience exactly what is happening in America. The one difference in America is all minorities are against whites. I am third generation Indian from India, and left Guyana in 1967. An example the Africans were completely in charge of the government. All aspects of it. If an Indian woman went for a job, the African unzipped his crotch and asked the Indian woman if she wanted the Job. So beware of minorities in your country. I am a conservative.
Did you mention the Yaqui Indians in Mexico. Or the Apaches the mexicans brutalize without giving an opportunity of a reservation. The founding fathers knew that they would have to save Europe, because they are wimps and could not defend themselves. so we did to Hitler, what we did to American Indians. To save Europe. We accept our historoy. Ask the Mexicans, or the Europeans if they accept their.
Thank you. But remember we no longer have press that reports fairlly and objectively. Excellent statistics.
I stopped watching fox because of this twerp. If it was not for affirmative action who would hire this turd. Israel too hard!!!!!!! FDR/Churchill too hard against NAZISM!!!!!!
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Democracy and Majority Rule

Totes Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 9:08 AM
Has any heard of 1789 and 25 years of R
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Mitt Wasn't All Wrong About "Gifts"

Totes Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 8:43 AM
Thank you Pat. What the American Public do not understand is the country is finished. No coming back. Smothered by the Hispanics who will live on welfare in perputity. California is an example. 60 percent of the prisoners legal or illegal are hispanics. The budget is 90 billion dollars and 10 billion is spent on Hispanics. One third of all patients in California hospitals are Hispanics who do not have any form of health insurance. Section 8 housing. Free schooling up to University. Like a broken vending machine. They take and give nothing in return. On a balance sheet they are pure liability, with a no chance of being an asset. Who will pay for all of this
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