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Truth Is Major Obstacle to Obama's Re-election

Torr Wrote: May 08, 2012 11:27 PM
Besides the "UN Small Arms Treaty" and the "Law of the Seas Treaty" there are four more treaties that this administration and state dept. are attempting to cram through that will effectively cede aspects of American soveregnty to the worthless band of tin-horn dictators and thugs called the UN. You, the_ind, aren't apparently doing the "research" that you've accused Bob62 of not doing. That's the thing about arrogant nescience always comes back to bite you.

President Obama formally kicked off his re-election campaign in Richmond, Va., and Columbus, Ohio, Saturday, and his theme was certainly not, shall we say, "it's morning again in America" -- President Ronald Reagan's optimistic re-election slogan in 1984.

Obama's central message was more like: "Hey, I realize things look bad, and I'm not going to pretend you want four more years of this. But just think how much worse it would have been without me and how much worse it's going to get if you get rid of me."

Interestingly, mainstream media journalists Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake...