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Candy Crowley Self-Destructs

topsynturvy Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 8:09 AM
This was coordinated by Candy and Obama. Just look at Obama's smirk and confidence when he tells Romney "please proceed". Look at Romney's change in posture (he knew something was up). Then as Romney makes his point Obama tells "Candy" (first name basis?) to read the transcript. How would Obama know there was a transcript and why would Candy have a transcript? This was planned and should be investigated by the FEC.
Gordon242 Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 8:36 AM
Was there COLLUSION between OBAMA & CROWLEY ?
Why would she, a MODERATOR, bring the Rose Garden Transcript to the debate ?
There were no questions concerning the Rose Garden among her selections.
Crowley can probably concoct some questionable excuse for having the transcripts, but why was Obama so sure that she had the Rose Garden Transcripts in her pile of papers ?
Charles SWVA Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 8:32 AM
Oh yeah. Have the FEC investigate. We would get the answer right after the 2016 election.

There is only one problem: The Stupid Party continues to appear before the DPM, Democrat Propaganda Machine, formerly aka MSM, so the Demonrat Party with the help of the DPM can forward it's agenda. The Stupid Party cannot bring itself to admit the DPM is the Goebbelsian arm of the Demonrat Party. If they could, they would merely treat the moderator as a member of the Demonrat party, e.g. Chuckie Shumer.

Just how badly did CNN's Candy Crowley destroy her first (and hopefully last) attempt as a presidential debate moderator? More than 65 million people saw that she is to debate moderation as CNN is to "news."

Barack Obama made a fatal mistake when he lied, claiming he'd labeled the Libya attack as an act of terrorism. The look on Romney's face said it all: Mr. President, here comes checkmate.

Then Crowley leapt to Obama's defense, declared a lie a truth, changed the subject, and Obama was free.

It was a travesty.

Let's get beyond the perennial partisan toe-taggers Rachel Maddow...