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Tough-love commencement speech highlights deeper problems

topperj2 Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 2:05 PM
Rush has nailed this tragedy for years. The self-esteem movement has created entitled monsters such as the OWS rejects, who believe the World OWES them everything. I'm special, don't ya' know? NO, you're not.
The English-teacher son of a Pulitzer Prize winner gave a much-ballyhooed commencement speech recently to students graduating from an American high school that one might categorize as privileged. David McCullough Jr., a teacher at Wellesley High School in Massachusetts and the son of the Pulitzer-winning historian David McCullough, began by comparing the "great forward-looking ceremony" to another kind of ceremony, weddings, before promptly dismissing both as overhyped. It was the first sign that the speech would turn out to be one big reality check.

While to some, McCullough might have come across a misanthropic jerk, he barely scratched the...