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The media biased? No, be still my heart.
My emails come from my provider, Road Runner. No matter what happens to Outlook, where I VIEW them, they are stored at my POP server. I can access them from the Road Runner website, especially when I am away from my computer. This is the 21st century version of "the dog ate my homework." They will get away with it because the country is so numbed by all of this news, they've tuned out. The media is a lost cause and the Republicans can't hit the broad side of a barn with a bazooka.
Unfortunately, for the nation, it is not just the media. The progressives control all avenues of communication. They control TV, the Arts, newspapers, magazines, and most importantly, the education blob, as named by John Stossel. Our entire culture, which is in a shambles, has been crafted by the Left. They control the narrative and the language, and, therefore, the agenda. Until our side figures out how to make inroads in one or all of these areas, the nation is headed for "fundamental transformation," which may never be reversed.
Nothing will happen until he's out of office. His skin color isn't going to change and the yellow streak in the Republican Party is stronger than ever.
For all those with massive hubris, who think they are so smart, a simple question. What is the perfect temperature for the Earth?
You people. Damn, if that isn't racist, I don't know what is. You people? Really? Who is defending Bundy, by the way?
It's all one big LIE. Whether it's EmbalmerCare, Climate Name-du-jour, EPA regulations, the economy, Benghazi, Syria, California water shortage, all of it is a pack of lies. The truth is gone. It's been obliterated.
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Liberal Racism

topperj2 Wrote: May 04, 2014 9:37 AM
Jim Crow, in his wildest dreams, could not have destroyed the Black family in America as have the Democrats and their plantation mentality. Unfortunately, with a 72% out-of-wedlock rate, the Black community may well disappear. Maybe that was the goal, all along? Margaret Sanger started it all. She's an icon for the abortion party.
What else would he say? The question should be, Why are you drowning America?
This disaster, renamed EmbalmerCare, is coming to a city near you. It will be just as bad and just as horrible as the VA system. It'll be run by the same nameless, faceless, cold-hearted bureaucrats. Why would it not be a disaster?
You guys writing back ands forth to each other should just get each other's phone numbers, give each other a call, and have at it. Leave the rest of us out of your childish prattle.
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