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Unlikely Bedfellows on Immigration Reform

topknot Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 11:43 AM
Perhaps people will wise up when they see they are unable to have anything that is not kept under lock and key and most of the time that does not help for the mexican I have had to live by some and they will steal anything and turn that horde of kids loose to roam the neighood to steal most of the time you are unable to go into walmart without the mexican kids knocking you down and their big fat moms standing in the middle of the isle and daring you to try to pass. They are the most rude people in the world I have known some great mexican families but it just shows you how their morals have declined and that we are only getting what their countries do not want.
Michael Bloomberg, the independent mayor of New York City, is no one's idea of a hardline Republican conservative. Media titan Rupert Murdoch, whose empire includes Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, is no one's idea of a squishy Republican moderate. And Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, a lifelong Democrat, is no one's idea of a Republican at all.

It isn't every day that three men with such disparate ideological profiles find common cause, let alone on a high-profile issue that has been roiling American politics for years. But there they were at Boston's Seaport Hotel one evening last week,...