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Obama's Cronies Shield Themselves From His Higher 2013 Tax on Dividends

topknot Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 2:15 PM
I would love to see Obummer and all his crooked democrats be tried and convicted for fraud and have to spend the rest of their time in prison. I am so ashamed that I use to consider myself a democrat. Look at the president who is not legal american ,guilty of murder in benghazie and so much more . America when will we get tired of this and do something with the thug ?.

WASHINGTON - Did you see the story about Costco borrowing $3.5 billion to pay a special $7 a share dividend to its stockholders before year's end to avoid being hit by President Obama's higher tax on investors?

What makes this story especially juicy is that it reveals how Obama's fat cat supporters, who bankrolled his bid for a second term and embraced his proposed tax increases, have taken steps to shield themselves from the president's "tax the rich" fiscal folly.

The tax avoidance maneuver, which Forbes magazine calls "a six-year advance on the company's current annual dividend of $1.10...