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Lost Bet on Unemployment

topknot Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 9:57 AM
The unemployment #'s is just another ploy by the government to get Obummer relected on what a great job he is doing . Well it is all hog wash just like the pigs that are in office we all know that Obummer will and has always been the scum of America.

On Friday, I lost a bet made in March of 2010 regarding unemployment. I bet that the unemployment rate would not dip below 8% before June 2015.

I crunched numbers many ways and simply decided there is no way the economy could possibly grow enough jobs. It didn't and still won't.

I posted this chart at the time.
At the height of the housing bubble, the economy only added 212,000 jobs a month. I figured we would not...

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