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Would not have lost a thing. I pray for the poor vet. who needs treatment and because of this crooked administration and president can't get it.
Poor old dumb a$$ Kerry he can't even wipe his own butt.
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CNN Hires Jay Carney

topknot Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 3:02 PM
Thank goodness its CNN I don't watch CNN anyway.
CompCon : You are nothing but a nigg lover.
I was wondering when the sorry democrats would start attacking Darrell Issa they know sooner or later their butts will be in the fire and Holder and Obummer will be unable to lie out of it.
He is a failure ,lying scum bag.
Dr.Glen would you want to think about it if you were on the receiving end of his punches? He got what he deserved what is this teaching young kids ? It might be all right in his society to beat up on women but in America you don't do that to a woman or man. Let him go to a country that beats their wives or girlfriend if he thinks it is okay.
I hope he is never allowed around this sport again he is an evil man and his now wife needs help to marry him after what he done. Guess she is mad and making statements now because she will loose the money pot she thought she had.
Bulldog yes and Benghazi should be enough to keep old Hillary out of the running.
Just how dumb does Lerner, Koskinen and Obama think the American people are to believe their stupid lies ?
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