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AEI: Ban Bossy Fact Check

topknot Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 10:22 AM
Ha she or Michelle Obummer will never ban the word bossy if the shoe fits wear it. I am sick of these idiots changing words around just to suit themselves or the Muslim . Stop and look at what we have lost since Obummer took office ?
The Robertson's is truly a family show I can watch it with my great-grandchildren and not be afraid of what comes out of their mouth's . God bless them for letting American's know that you can have a good clean hit show without all the filth that is on today.
Obummer and the fool's of the Federal government does not have sense enough to do anything right all Obummer can do is spend money on things and when it blows up in his stupid face he does not have sense enough to try to correct it . No the big dummy will not believe biofuels is bad.
Of course he will not support old rum-dum Biden he used him for his term because he was a patsy for Obummer and now it is over and Biden kicked to one side . But then again Biden deserves it just keep on listening to the democrats folks see what they have done for you.
Obama is one of the dumbest people that ever walked . He is all Muslim and wants to rule this Country .
Old Michelle pulls this every time she and her friends need a vacation somewhere . None of her trips ever makes sense just like Obummer when he made his daughter some made up title to make a trip to Africa or where ever it was.
We all need to stand up against Obummer with his pen and phone . He is breaking every constitution the United States have lived by and we allow him to change things the way he wants to . He wants to rule the Country and sit his own Muslim rules, he is not even legal in our country he needs to be brought down to let him know he works for us not we the people for him. He is a power crazy President and nothing he has done has been for the people.
Obummer will never get it that people are not falling for his and Michelle lies or jokes . He is not funny ,he is dumb he could not write a decent speech if he wanted to. He has no leadership ability he is just a bum from Chicago why want he just fade away.
I don't think it will ever be Paul he thinks to much like Obummer and the dems.
I would never vote for the little dough boy . I don't care to have all Mexican over here. If he is so much in love with the Mexican let him just stick to his Mexican wife.
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