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I could not find 5 points in his speech . He gets up there and uh,uh uh, and stammers around and talks in circles he always has. I pray for the two more years to end and get both him and dumb remarks Michelle out.
The black or going to riot regardless of how this comes down . They are not going to believe that this officer is innocent . No wonder no one respects the blacks.
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You Lie!

topknot Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 5:25 PM
We all know what Obummers legacy will be " he was the biggest liar in the history of president he will not live it down just as Hillary Clinton will never live her lies down ,nor Bill Clinton will never live down " not keeping his zipper up and being called old slick Willie.
We all know old dumpy Jarrett leads Obama around by his marbles.
I am so sick of Michelle trying to act like a first lady. She can't even speak or act like one. Who ever dresses that ugly woman needs to go back and take some more lessons.
Its the damn old stupid wigs she wears. She dresses like she has been in the cotton patch all day. She has no taste and is way on the stupid side.
I would no more believe what old ape face says than I do the muslim Obama she shacked up with .
This was not work place violence it was Islamic driven . I wonder how Obummer will try to cover this up. You want hear much about it from any of the blacks because it was a black that killed this lady in Oklahoma. I guess if Obummer had a son I guess he would look and act like Johnson. That stupid Obummer.
This all stems from Obama and Holder . Obama is so for the muslim Islamic group that he has no intention of doing anything about this Islamic group and it is only getting worse daily. Obama is one of the most hated men and president alive.
The blacks just like some whites would not take or use birth control at all its much easier to get an abortion . Do they not realize they are damaging their own health as well as committing murder when you choose to have an abortion.
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