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Who Owns You? Dems or Unions?

Topeka Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 9:40 PM
Also a nonsense post. membership in Big Thieves has declined b/c the A holes who run Big Thieves make it a regular practice to Squirrel the people they represent. As for influence peddling: Big Thieves donate overwhelmingly to Dem's - and even the R's are Rino's. Whereas the little unions, such as your local cops might belong to donate to local pol's - and it is overwhelmingly the latter who contribute to the R's, whether Rino or not. I mean, troll, do you actually know anybody in friggin union?

While it’s a truism that for every finger you point at someone else you’ve got three pointed right back at you, for liberals it’s part of their laws of physics.

It would be impossible for the laws of liberals to govern without this binding hypocrisy that keeps them in orbit.  

That’s why it shouldn’t surprise you that for all the leftist rhetoric about corporations and greed contributing the decline of the country, there’s one corporate outfit that’s really screwing up this country- and it’s a creation and a creature of the left.

Like most Big Left organizations it is...