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DC Misses Another Layup

Topeka Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 11:17 AM
Chris, aside from killing a lot of North Koreans who are merely slaves to the regime, it hardly seems reasonable to destroy facilities we helped them build. Never mind our creditor, and the principal manufacturer of our non-defense, non-perishable, imports protects their puppet. A better result would be (in the magic fairy land where Demokkkrats do good): Call up the Chinese and threaten to default unless the NK's allow immigration, free speech, trade, and close the prison camps. A carrot/stick for the King: pick the Marcos way out or the Osama way out. It'll will never happen, but if the Chinese thought we might actually go back to making our own dam plasmas I suspect King wacko would be getting an offer he couldn't refuse.

First the bad news: In a basketball shoot around witnessed by reporters Obama missed 20 of 22 shots including a layup. On the brighter side, North Korea is restarting its shuttered nuclear facility in order to process weapons grade nuclear material to target the US; the Cyprus contagion has not abated, but seems to be spreading; factory orders fell in the US and Europe; and unemployment remains little changed-- except for all those people who stopped looking for work.

No wonder the S&P 500 is making new highs.

As the world runs from one man-caused-crisis to another, something...