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Ha ... if this were a Muslim being so ill-treated by a Christian group, we'd be bombing them now. And that's only based on history. Oh wait, according to history we only have to have an accusation - not proof - of a single case. But a pattern of such abuse in dozens of countries over multiple decades is ignored.
No ... they already have superiority. Destruction, oppression, repression and suppression are the goals. Remember to understand them, listen to their description of their opponents. To know what they want to do - they describe what their opponents cannot do even if that were their intentions. We'd call it 'Bipolar' except it's much more deeply embedded.
What capitalism? If an entrepreneur wishes to blow his wealth, who cares? OTH ... this guy is likely a crony with an unbeatable connection to printed money and slave labor and an unstoppable connection to his pals in Peking. China is economically free enough that my skepticism of Chicom-cronyism is misplaced, but statistically you know full well I am right. Why? Because people who earn their money the hard way - even great wealth - seldom squander it even to show off. Like good ol' Sam-you-who, who drove his old pick em up truck to the grave. Use your brains people.
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Krauthammer on Global Warming

Topeka Wrote: May 13, 2014 5:00 PM
Destroying the US economy and shipping it abroad ... LMAO btw - that's the plan Charles. What do you think this is about? Keeping Texas cool in the summer?
It's in the details... Look at our existing Free Trade agreements ... these are nothing more than Protectionism for the special interests catering to politicians. Yes, we know there are exceptions, but denying Mexican vanilla imports compares to massive currency, legal, regulatory, taxation, and labor barriers how? And btw... how is it Free Trade when we still ban the poor Mexican vanilla dude? I mean dang, if it was Free Trade, I could actually go to Mexico and import vanilla - never mind that that's a multi-felony crime in both countries. Ah, but demanding the rule of law on both sides of the border - that's Protectionism? Beyond Superlatives.
well that's scary ... anti-lopsided, bigoted, one-way laws is protectionism? What would be a free-market? Defending special deals for the Prez's cronies? quibble with the article, but it's not easy to boil a trade agreement down to a blog... if Bam Bam is for this agreement, you should know this is exactly about anti-protectionism - stopping the Bam Bam from protecting his foreign and special-domestic interests.
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Lockett & Load

Topeka Wrote: May 08, 2014 10:15 AM
of course they despair ... they've lost one of their own.
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Policing Thought Crime

Topeka Wrote: May 08, 2014 9:55 AM
as usual, Goldberg disappoints... if no anecdotal example of the excesses of government today exceeds that of yesterday, the government is no less worse. To put into plain English, assume the government makes no arrests and takes no prisoners for political reasons (Yes, i know the assumption is false, but this is to help us think our way through it.) In this situation, is the situation today worse than during the so-called 'Red Scare' - a collection of anecdotes passed into history by the very same people working for govt of whom we are not to be concerned. The answer is no. Of course not. Denying a college admission may not be as bad as arresting a man for praising a mass-murderer, but ... denying millions of people a college admission is far worse than harming one guy. In fact, harming one individual by mistake is just that - a tragedy of the human condition - harming millions of people deliberately for political motives creates all sorts of secondary and tertiary crimes - including causing people to join cults, commit suicide, or become terrorists. In Wilson's day, the best the beast could do was draft a zillion men and send them off to die in a war conceived in the halls of Berlin and Paris. After that, a few excesses occurred - which we only know about because supposedly this was the alleged patriots attacking the wonderful, goodie, goodie, leftists. Never mind that the ideologies of these leftists went on to slaughter human beings on a scale that beyond anything a pig farmer can imagine. Yet, today... the govt controls who gets an education, who gets a job, who gets a commercial loan, a govt contract, and healthcare. They control over 40% of the economy. And they have effectively outlawed tens of thousands of business opportunities and occupations. And they sing of racism and bigotry from every media outlet - except when they're screaming it or imposing it by govt edict. Yet, Goldberg is oblivious. Millions of Americans twiddle their thumbs and try to 'turn the other life' over to the lefties to ruin and disaster. Ignore the rest of the planet where their work causes immediate death and ruin, and Goldberg hasn't got a clue? As for my assumption earlier ... take your pick. It's a crime in this country to defend our border, engage an enemy on a battlefield, or shoot a crook. Don't mess with Medicare funding if you're a doctor, and don't think of claiming a DBE/MBE to catch a commercial loan - unless you paid ur dues to the Demokkkrat party.
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