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Good response. And you have a great 'tude too.
Hi mzk, I'm sorry about your experiences, but I'm afraid it was. The Left has little regard for the meaning of words unless it advances their causes. As of right now, at least one murderer, three rapists, and dozens of other perps (domestic violence, assault, battery, child molesting, burglary, and drug and immigration offenses) are running around free due to the open border policy. These people are essentially all men, and apparently all 'Hispanic,' but I doubt their sex or ethnicity has anything to do with why they commit crime or why our justice system ignores their crimes. It's just the modus operandi of the Left as of right now. If the Left wanted to haul these men in for some reason, investigations would commence tomorrow.
LOL, I understand. I got a 38. ;-) 'privilege' though is one of those loaded words: I am privileged (I've got my health, 3000 grams of brain, and my fellow Americans.) But we are not 'privileged' in the sense meant / intended by the Leftists. We've never had the opportunity to oppress anyone with darker skin, or even given homosexuality a second thought absent some hate mongering out of the Left. (Actually, I've hired a couple of Gay guys. Here in Texas they're often a better fit than some random left-wing, white female.)
LOL, I feel your pain. I got a 38. ;-)
Okay: Took the survey, and answered honestly. The score is below. The survey methodology is highly skewed of course. I hit 38 mainly due to the fact that my parents are poor 'wa'at' traash, as they say in the south. Few of the questions address the rather obvious fact that Irish-Americans from the trailer parks are as free to be 'rich' 'white' 'bigots' as any Ivy-League, commie sucking, light-skinned actual-bigot from Martha's Vineyard or Georgetown. If I were a middle-class WASP mailed to MIT by daddy with a new and shiny Jag, I would have scored about 90 - without any regard to 'my privileges.' The survey is clearly racist and very, very sexist agitprop. ----- My score and the survey response: You live with 38 out of 100 points of privilege. You’re not privileged at all. You grew up with an intersectional, complicated identity, and life never let you forget it. You’ve had your fair share of struggles, and you’ve worked hard to overcome them. We do not live in an ideal world and you had to learn that the hard way. It is not your responsibility to educate those with more advantages than you, but if you decide you want to, go ahead and send them this quiz. Hopefully it will help. ----- Note: The survey completely missed the one actual 'privilege' I suffer from: The ability to perform complex engineering tasks without significant (or even with bad, false, or misleading) guidance. But for that disability, I'd never have the privilege of working for dipsticks earning 6-fig's while taking home between nothing at all to no more than 70% of what my PC colleagues earn. Worse - the survey failed to ask a single question about on-the-job bullying for my race and gender THAT was NOT loaded to exclude bullying those of Irish descent. If I had a scholarship or a job for every time I was accused of privilege, I'd been sipping Margaritas on a beach next to a hotel that I OWNED!
Agreed, and with the others I also think you put it well. Very succinct and to the point.
Yes Seawolf, and for many of them it is their religion too.
LOL, great observation Azhot. So true, so true ...
Perry is a politician, and I have no great partisan love for the Governor. Like Delay, Perry has been reasonably effective and shown an intent to try to run Texas government like an adult under the constraints imposed by our times. Some partisan rumors have come back to me through the network of birds in the state, but since the rumors come from birds with near-devout devotion to hating Perry, I won't repeat them exactly, but just tangentially. Even if the rumors are true though; Perry has allowed friends and cronies the same access to him and his office which his opponents expect. And I know this is true from the same sources who admit that Perry himself (that's with an R after his name folks) gave special access to their own NGO's and partisan groups. Which certainly begs the question of whether Perry is letting 'evil' 'conservative' principles like 'fairness' go too far. Even the outraged birds admit - special access to government should be limited to Liberals because they are pure and holy minions inspired by the Multiverse with Good Intentions for the Human Project - whereas the Governor is merely a pawn of Satan, though of course they point out it's just the Governor's blind stupidity which makes him believe he is a pawn of Satan since Satan does not exist. ... I kid you not. Humorous word choice aside, they really believe it. I've seen them frothing at the mouth, smirking with victory, and bulging their eyes. The sanctimonious self-righteousness seems to be a zeal better suited to their own characterizations of medieval witch hunters than to 21st century professionals. Naturally, I believe the governor is innocent on the charges. Until proven otherwise by actual evidence, the DA accusing him (and her friends leaking to their friends leaking to the birds I know) isn't doing herself any favors from the viewpoint of 'truth, justice, and the American Way.' The DA and her side are motivated by partisanship and its clear the facts and the situation are meaningless. They just want to get Perry, and if justice is trampled, justice be darn-ed. It's hard to believe such partisans can put together a case without spin-doctoring, spoliation, and withholding exculpatory evidence. If Perry turns out to be actually guilty of the charges: I'm sure we'll be hearing it from CNN from now until the cows come home.
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