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Hi ava, ... maybe. I'd take wikipedia with a grain of salt where political issues are concerned. They may be pretty good on geeky, computer stuff, but many of their editors seem think left of Mao and right of Stalin is the Goldilocks zone.
Well, God bless America - and I thank you too ma'am.
Hi J, Let me add. Johnson County, Wichita, Lawrence, and Topeka are not nearly as conservative as the rest of the state. If they can convince enough ding a lings in Johnson County to save Kansas from 'Hitler' they can elect anyone. ... Remember, they gave us Sebelius (or is it syphilis?) So, nothing is a sure thing in KS anymore save the tornadoes and the Oz jokes. ;-)
Katie, Your numbers do not include those not arrested in the first place because cops have better things to do than play catch and release with criminal aliens. Criminal aliens are not arrested without strong forensic evidence law enforcement can use to deflect charges of racism or bigotry. Also, it excludes cases where victims are afraid to testify because the criminal alien will be released on a meaningless bond of $50 or so and disappear. One last point: Since I have seen the pictures of the victims, and the lab reports of their injuries, I have to point out that half to two-thirds are Latina/o; usually women and children. So, not only is the policy pro-violence, pro-DV, pro-crime, it's also pro-child abuse, pro-rape, and racist and sexist. And it is anti-non-violent illegal residents as well as anti-non-violent legal residents. LWNJ's will never accept the consequences of their beliefs: Thus they must lie to themselves and demonize others.
Been there: One of the greatest reverse-reverse anti-discrimination events of my life occurred in the Army. We had a company of 'ethnic' recruits, and all of the NCO's were black (and Vietnam combat vets). We had 3 white soldiers out of nearly 1000. --- One of the other 'Irish' soldiers was beaten in the restroom, apparently over some conflict with a girl at a bar. The cadre moved all 3 of us to a bay under a camera for our own protection. My platoon sergeant (who was darker than a lump of coal) said several things which cannot be repeated here. Needless to say, to no further trouble was forthcoming. --- While my racism list runs to over a hundred events, I'm afraid my r-r discrimination to protect or defend the non-violent list is a very short. --- Also - today I know many non-white professionals who suffer anti-American or anti-business discrimination. I call them honorary whitey's. If a black man makes the mistake of going to college and earning an engineering degree, and plans to pay his bills and raise a family - he might as well have mailed a 'squirrel me' letter to the local Klan for all the darned Lefties care. It's easier for a white-male Canadian to get a job in some industries than for an American-born professional. This doesn't seem to apply in programming or IT, but in Petroleum engineering or chemical engineering the bigotry of HR is brutal.
Good response. And you have a great 'tude too.
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