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Selling Sex and Candy?

TooTired Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 8:50 PM
While you're laughing so happily at the grammatical error, you might want to give just the tiniest bit of thought to the price that our society is paying for the debased behavior of some who, unfortunately, have not the slightest shame about sex.

I watch some commercials on television and am amazed that the corporate sponsor really signed off on the product. Think about the expressions on the faces of the dark suits in the executive boardroom when they were presented with some of the commercials running on TV right now.

Take Jack in the Box. "Jack Box," the fast-food chain's mascot -- a man wearing what looks like a Ping-Pong-ball head or a snowman getup with a clown hat -- is sitting playing a game much like Scrabble with a beautiful blonde. He lays out the nonword "swavory," selling a waffle...