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Not all of us voted for him, you know. I'm very glad he's not going to be there. He doesn't deserve the honor.
I am delighted that he will not be attending. This first (partly) black president is a disgrace to the office, who has done nothing to help the cause of anyone in this country. I believe that there are capable people of every race who could have done much better than he has.
I don't like him either, but that kind of language is very offensive.
When the economy soured some years ago, a lot of sensible guidelines were thrown out the window. For example, they got rid of the resource limits, so that people with large bank accounts were allowed to collect food stamps if they had income low enough to meet the requirement. Fortunately, they recently restored these resource limits...but now we have people who try to hide their assets because they have grown to like collecting the benefits.
This is one guy. Repulsive as he is, the harm he does by sitting on his butt and letting other people feed him is a drop in the bucket compared with the amount of fraud and waste being perpetrated by a huge number of welfare recipients. I was a welfare caseworker for several years, and I can tell you positively, without any doubt whatsoever, that the 1% fraud rate being quoted by the welfare establishment is complete and utter nonsense. It would not surprise me if the real figure isn't much nearer to 50%.
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No Standard

TooTired Wrote: Jun 29, 2013 7:46 AM
What I hear, over and over again, is that gays should have the right to marry whom they love. If that is a right, then whatever problems result from honoring that right are simply issues that need to be dealt with. I see no reason why marriages involving more than one person should not be legal as well, regardless of what problems it causes, if marrying the one you love is a right.
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Is This Any Way to Help the Poor?

TooTired Wrote: Jun 03, 2013 10:15 AM
Patriot, I worked as a welfare caseworker for years until recently. The fraud problem is much, much worse than anyone has ever reported. I'm not talking people misusing their cards, or stores cheating the system...I'm talking people who are lying about their circumstances to get food stamps in the first place. Usually it's two parents living together and the one with the higher income isn't reported. Then the welfare recipient says he or she, the "absent parent," provides no or very little "voluntary child support." I've seen this scam dozens and dozens of times. Multiply my caseload by the number of caseloads in this country, and you have a huge incidence of fraud.
The maximum food stamp amount for one person is $200/mo., which works out to over $6.50/day. For two people, the maximum is $367/mo.--that's about $6.11/day. (I'm using 30 days per month.) The maximum decreases slightly as recipients are added, which makes sense because feeding five is probably not five times as expensive as feeding one. Food stamps are intended as a supplement for those who have some their income goes up, their food stamps go down until they reach a point of non-eligibility.
Sorry, but that is not possible. Someone who gets cash assistance--which comes on the same card as food stamps--can take the cash out and put it in the bank. But you cannot go to a bank and have your food stamps deposited.
I hope you are joking because that is simply not true. There were years when I was a caseworker that I identified overpayments in the neighborhood of my gross wages, if not the total value of my employee benefits. I see no reason to believe that the level of fraud is higher in my office than all the others in the country, and therefore I think that our country is being victimized by welfare fraud at a level that is sickening. We need for the welfare system to take responsibility for the millions of cases based on fraud and to go to the local level to find ways to catch the cheats. Oh, and a little positive reinforcement would be nice. For all the cases I shut down by looking around to identify the fraud, I never--EVER--got one word of
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