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A.D. means Anno Domini--in th year of the Lord--not "after death." Years in the A.D. period start during Christ's lifetime.
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For First Lady, Too Much Is Not Enough

TooTired Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 7:22 AM
The obvious reason that the birth announcement would have been placed would be so that the child could claim American citizenship, which has certain advantages. I'm not saying that this is what happened, but you're missing the point.
I don't get it. Why it is OK for a woman to say it, but not a man? How about responding to what sparcboy said instead of just insulting him? Your response seems juvenile to me.
Follow me carefully. The kids weren't starving. If the dad wasn't making money, sometimes quite a lot, it would increase their food stamps to include him on the application, because the FS allotment is partially based on the size of the household. I most definitely was a caseworker...for something like 8 years. The worst job I ever had. You're the **** when you don't know what you're talking about.
I've said it before and I'll say it again...the real outrage is that welfare fraud is rampant. I was a caseworker until recently, and I closed probably close to 100 cases for this. Usually it's a case of a single mother living with her kid(s)' father, and he's making most of the money. Sometimes it's someone claiming to have no money, and in reality they have their own business. If someone is not entitled to SNAP benefits in the first place, then it hardly matters what they're spending it on...they're cheating the government and the taxpayers. Furthermore we're losing even more money on Medicaid from the same lying cheats who get SNAP. The per capita payment for each child on Medicaid is about $900/mo., last I heard. That dwarfs the funds being spent on SNAP/food stamps.
Whether they actually get cash assistance or food stamps or both, does it really matter if they take the cash and spend it on drugs? Follow me here one moment. A lot of the paperwork that comes in to our office absolutely reeks of cigarette smoke. Now, food stamp recipients aren't using their benefits to pay for cigarettes (unless there's a merchant committing fraud)...but they are using the money they could be spending on food to buy cigarettes. Or if they get cash--they could use that for expenses that now frees up money to buy drugs. Is that really any better? It's a travesty for so-called poor people to be wasting their assets in this fashion.
This article is misleading. A person who gets food stamps or cash assistance or both uses an EBT card to access those benefits. You could call it a food stamp card, but if you're using it to get cash assistance, then it's really not a food stamp (or SNAP, the new name) card. If a welfare recipient is taking out cash and buying marijuana with it, then that's not their food stamp benefit, it's their cash (TANF) benefit. Most welfare clients get food stamps and/ or medical assistance. Clients who get cash assistance are actually the smallest part of the welfare picture. Food stamp benefits go directly to paying for food (which does not include such things as toilet paper or hot prepared foods). I know this stuff because I have worked as a caseworker in the past, for several years.
I went to another source and listened to the whole section where Dyson was discussing the New Testament. He most definitely did imply that there is a homoerotic cast to the Scriptures...I think the term he used was "interesting narrative tensions." To my thinking, the most loathesome and destestable idea coming out of the gay movement is the assumption that great love must be accompanied by sexual desire.
Steve, tell that to my sister and her husband. No, wait, you can't. They're dead.
Beer-talk? My brother-in-law in Canada was given a diagnosis of terminal cancer. I was dumbfounded when I found out he would have to wait MONTHS to see a specialist. He didn't even last the year they said he had. My sister was persuaded to have serious surgery before she had entirely recovered to her full health and never woke up again. She died in a room that had 6-10 other patients in with her. What I have seen from Canadian health care does not impress me.
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Five Food-Stamp Myths

TooTired Wrote: Dec 15, 2013 8:05 AM
Blue Jay, I used to be a caseworker handling food stamps, so I know something about this. First of all, there is a huge amount of fraud going on. I shut down dozens of cases during my tenure, and I have no reason to believe that my caseload was any worse than anyone else's. Unfortunately the powers-that-be do not encourage and support those of us with a desire to eliminate fraud. Secondly, many, many of the clients are living totally irresponsible livestyles. Although birth control is one of the easiest programs to quality for, they don't pursue it or use it if they get the help. So many times I closed that program to open maternity care for these women. Through my work, I got glimpses of people who made bad choices--promiscuity, criminal behavior, bad work ethics--over and over again, and they expected the system to bail them out. Am I saying that everyone was like this? No. But a large percentage of welfare recipients are either lying about their situations or screwing up their own lives time after time.
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