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This ubiquitous Dem "Big Lie" tactic comes straight from the Communist playbook.
One way to avoid this threat - make sure the government doesn't owe you a tax refund by paying estimated taxes to zero out any overpayment. As for what to do when the federal government begins to confiscate pensions ... that's a discussion for another day.
A nation that refuses to honor commitments to its veterans isn't worth defending.
"Now, according to Gallup, the American people consider government itself to be the No. 1 problem facing the country." Progress we can believe in!
Though certainly not true, it's as good a reason as any!
You can't fix "stupid". Occidental, Columbia and "Hawvawd Law" sealed the deal.
It doesn't support the Left's disingenuous view of Republicans/conservatives, so of course it must be mocked.
Jewish success is not surprising when you consider the phenomenon of "cultural selection" in light of the challenges this group has had to overcome for millennia. The same thing happens in other situations where a small sub-culture must struggle to survive within the larger, dominant culture.
A nation that doesn't deliver on promises to its defenders isn't worth defending.
Obama is not genetically-inclined to negotiation.
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