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Lerner is a small fish in a huge corrupt and dirty cesspool that came out of Chicago. It is about to go up in flames and the radical progressive communists will be rushing back to Chicago, some in orange jumpsuits. UNIVERSE SHATTERING evidence of the corruption and FRAUD is about to have light shined on it. See details of what is about to be released. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwj2tk7Ee9c
Not long from now all the hard work of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo and all those they supervised will finally have paid off. They are about to release UNIVERSE SHATTERING evidence they have gathered over the past THREE years of their criminal investigation of Barack Hussein Obama and his enablers. Shame on Town Hall and the other Conservative web pages for not doing their duty as journalist and reporters. They have ignored the biggest scandal to ever be committed against this nation and they missed the event. They can make up for some of their incompetence by making sure they are front and center when the story breaks. If they don't respond, the international media will. See details about what may be coming soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwj2tk7Ee9c
This President's title should read - Fraud in Chief. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo and the many investigators working for the both of them are doing the work that our tax funded government law enforcement agencies should have done back in 2008. The FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security and the Secret Service are a JOKE. They know this man is a complete and utter fraud and they are doing nothing about it hoping it just goes away. Arpaio and Zullo are about to release UNIVERSE SHATTERING fraud and criminal evidence they have gathered over the past THREE years. It is the biggest fraud ever committed in this country's history and the Conservative and Liberal media have covered it up. See details below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwj2tk7Ee9c
Hey Goldberg, I am a fan of the last 20 minutes of the Bret Baier show. Lets talk about "principles" for journalist and reporters for a minute or two. There has been a 34 month long criminal investigation being carried out by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his amazing investigative team headed up by Lt. Mike Zullo looking into the fraud and crimes committed by Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama, Harrison J. Bounel, Barry Obama, Barack Obama Soebarkah, use anyone of these he has used them all) and you and ALL those at Fox choose to ignore the scandal. Not only ignore, some SLANDER those patriots who desire to see and hear the truth. How are those "principles" working for ya now? Give me one damn reason why this intense investigation is not be reported by FOX and you? I thought your motto at the Fox Family was "we report you decide?" Are you lying about that? Sheriff Joe Arpaio is doing what the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security, the Secret Service, etc. should have been doing way back in 2008. Now tell me that isn't a damn shame. Originally, Arpaio was doing it all with volunteers, no tax paying money. The evidence became so "earth shattering" that he recently opened up a SECOND criminal investigation (that's right CRIMINAL investigation) with Arizona tax payer money. You stil ignore that. Arpaio does it while the DOJ is all over his back for crying out loud. What is your excuse and Fox's excuse. We have soldiers who report for duty every day in combat who are willing to take a bullet or shrapnel every day for this country and you and Fox are not willing to put your pen or voice at risk. Shame on all of you.
Mr. Barone, why have you and most of the Conservative media chosen to slander and ignore all the fraud and crimes that were committed by Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama, Harrison J. Bounel, Barry Obama, Barack Obama Soebarkah, etc) in his climb to the nomination by his Radical Progressive Democrat Party? You are either ignoring the scandalous activity or you do not know anything about it. If you are ignoring the scandal then you are as guilty as the folks who committed the crimes. If you don't know about the scandal, you are incompetent. Not very good choices, right. For that matter all the folks that contribute to Town Hall must fall into these two classes of journalist. You might want to start paying attention to the scandalous activity because UNIVERSE SHATTERING evidence is about to hit the airways and internet and soon the media outlets.
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Obama and the 'Hipster Elite'

TonyRome Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 1:56 PM
So Bozell, when are you going to expose the conservative media for their intentional black out of anything dealing with the massive fraud and criminal activity that went into the creation of documents that made it possible for Obama to rise to power? If you say you don't know about the corruption you are either LYING or totally INCOMPETENT. Some in the conservative elites actually SLANDER those that are brave enough to investigate the scandal of the century. How sick is that? We expect the state run media to act the way they do but why the conservative media. You and others who INTENTIONALLY ignore the scandal make me sick to my stomach. You are unpatriotic and will have corrupt mud all over your faces someday soon.
What is coming very, very soon is UNIVERSE SHATTERING information about Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama, Harrison J. Bounel, Barry Obama, Barack Obama Soebarkah, pick one he has used them all) fraud and corruption and outright lies about who he is. November will be a disaster for anyone associated with this Fraud in Chief.
Grow a new spine and expose the mutated virus that has overtaken the Democrat Party. Who cares what your friends and family think if you know you are sharing the truth POST IT. So they "defriend" you! Use all the social network sites to expose the scandal because they will never see or hear it at the corrupt media outlets.
You will soon be able to place Barry Soetoro at the top of the all time criminal. I really believe the man will be in prison before his term is finished. It will take the radical progressives/Communists/Marxist/Socialist decades to recover from the scandal that is about to overtake all of us, thanks to the silence from both the conservative and liberal media and the coverup by the United States Congress.
Michelle should be ashamed for intentionally ignoring the biggest scandal this country has ever been through. She and the rest of the elite conservative media should all be ashamed of themselves. How do you miss the biggest fraud ever committed against this country. They are all incompetent or they are all intentionally ignoring the scandalous activity that put this Fraud in Chief in office. I have sent Michelle emails and she ignores the evidence. Shameless!
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