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"The same thing apples in education." Did you mean applies?
And a major source of CO2, BO too and probably methane.
I'm wondering how many asprin factories Obama has taken out so far.
The Gospel of the Terrorists: Beat it or Die? I'm pretty sure that they are not preaching "Beat it".
Inpeached? Hell no! He needs to be impaled!
Don't worry. Barak just took care of the situation. He sent out "#Just don't do it or else! " See, the excamation point means he's serious.
I think that he meant the first sentence.
The Dimcrats will just raise taxes to pay your postage.
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10 Things to Know for Tuesday

tony jo Wrote: Apr 28, 2014 10:27 PM
#3 Obama would NEVER make a decision that would make America look strong!
The question is why would anyone want to hear what a democrat has to say? All those years of learning just to be wiped out by a five minute tirade of stupidity? I had Carl Levin as my comencement speaker. I wanted to throw up.
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