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Well, Hose A The Judge did right. Right is making law breakers move back to where they came from. We have a LEGAL process for people to enter this country. We are big fans of the legal process. You don't like legal, go back to the lawless land you came from. We are tired of you leeching off us. You are not welcome. GO Home.
Jared Meyer, You are sadly lacking in common sense. To what diversified communist have you been listening to by writing such nonsense. The American Mariner is one of the safest mariner's in the world today. Our waterways and ports are safe because we are the backdoor security for them. We watch and keep our equipment in tip top shape. Foreign vessels do not. Have you ever been a seaman? Have you ever sacrificed months at sea away from your Family? Of coarse we get paid well because we do a hard job. We stand watches for hours on end, ride very rough seas and put up with foreigners who are untrained and inept at seamanship who have far more accidents in our waters than should be allowed. We are to best of the best because we train relentlessly. Don't try to fix what ain't broke. You bring in foreign labor and watch accidents skyrocket. Claims and lawsuits will abound. Please go back to your desk and write a retraction for this article. It does not tell the whole story. The American seaman and maritime industry does not need your help with anything. Unless you want to sign on with the sealift command. Then you will know the meaning of the Jones Act and see for yourself.
Harry will probably go home and count his gold. He will vote by proxy and disappear from DC. The voters have pulled his teeth and cut off his tongue. He can live out his days as a wasted, bitter old man.
I don't think so. I think he'll be as tame as a hamster. His King days are over. Now he'll either listen or be ousted because of his past unlawful acts. He's in a precarious position and he knows it. He's having a meeting with all of them this week. Trying to cut a deal for obamacare and amnesty. it ain't happening. That's just where he needs to be. So he vetoes any and all items that come to his desk. He can make his last 2 years easy or hard. It's up to him whether or not he's let go early as the fake, loser he is or go along with sanity for a change. We voted down communism and socialism yesterday. He will do as he is told.
The people need to vote for a change in how they run the primary in Louisiana. Front runner's with the highest votes received should only advance to the November election. All those independents and party candidates on the ballots hurt both party's chances of getting 50 percent of the vote.
I am happier today to know that voter ID's in most states have helped achieve a more honest election. Some of the races were tight but hardly anyone is shouting voter fraud today. I applaud the poll watchers and all volunteers at the polls who helped make this election one to remember. My thanks to every one. I just keep wondering why all those machines kept wanting to vote democrat. Glad they were caught out in time. It's time to get to work and repeal some errors and stupid laws made in the past 6 years.
I think it's because he couldn't stand of the thought of a bandit, liar, flip flopper like charlie crist getting to be governor, to the get the bribes, kick backs and extort the people of Florida. Every candidate in every State bought air time to campaign. By your logic you'd have to despise anyone who would help themselves win. If he bought the election, then I'm glad he did.
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The Obama Riots Begin

Tony39 Wrote: Oct 27, 2014 1:36 PM
I believe in the old adage " You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." I believe if 5 million good paying jobs appeared tomorrow, black men would stay home.
Maybe the SS is turning their backs on the resident in chief. Maybe they are tired of over hearing lies and deceit against the American people. Maybe they are tired of being used as gophers and fetch men. I would have quit the first day in protest. I also believe they know he isn't really the president but a usurper of the presidency. They must really not like their boss or his wife. They have so much as said so by their lack of action in being observant. Let this be a message to the usurper. All the SS has to do is not be observant or just look the other way.. One time is all it takes. You might try to be a little nicer to them. But then again it's a government job and the government will hire a slackers by the thousands. Just so the jobs count for the year goes up.
The liberals helped create it. The establishment did as well. Would it could have been LBJ that got shot instead of Kennedy. His great society changed America for the worst. We can turn the tide though. By bringing about tougher punishments. Let's bring back the good ole days. Quit slapping hands and giving probation. Five years Hard labor, with no parole, no gain time to start it off. Busting rocks, chain gangs, and solitary confinement. Work farms that grow crops for America to feed these ignorant out of control youngsters and the rest that need food. Make them work by force. If they won't, then into the hole they go. Two weeks to a month. No lights, no running water, no bed. Just the floor and bucket to do their business in. These ways kept the peace for years. People didn't want to even think of doing evil. They don't fear the consequences today. There are no consequences today worse enough to make them fear. They need to know and have fear so they will not go astray. These country club prisons have to go. We need more tough judges and make prison so horrible they don't want to ever think about going.
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