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We need to quit playing nice and by the rules. Shoot to kill or just hide behind your woman. The Mexicans have forgotten the lesson we taught them back in the 1800's and it's time to play Cowboys and Mexicans again. Kick butt and don't bother taking names. Grow a set or stop calling yourselves Lawmen. When we let scum dictate to us how things are, we are no longer Americans. We will end-up slaves to the Mexicans. If that is what you want for your family and your friends, just keep doing what your doing. Move along kids... Nothing to see here. Move along now.
The only terrorist group Americans have to fear is the "Obama Gang" and those that believe in his version of hope and change. They are dangerous and should be put into cages for the rest of their miserable lives.
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What If We Have Only Memories of Freedom?

Tony375 Wrote: May 24, 2012 9:41 AM
What if??? What is this "What If?" Unless you live in a box or you were born yesterday, you can see that we have already lost our freedom, or a significant part of it anyway. Guns and speech are regulated. Travel is restricted and Lord help you if you get on a list. If we want our freedom back, we will have to fight for it, just as the Founding Fathers did back in 1776. Wake-up Americans. When it comes to shredding the Constitution, there is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats. They both are more than willing to sacrifice freedom for security. They deserve neither.
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