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But...but...but...but the honorable Mr. Koskinen said that they were gone forever. Maybe he should try explaining that to Mr. Gowdy once again.
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Bordering on Madness

Tony3575 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 9:26 AM
Some good thoughts.... But if you really think that decriminalizing drugs will make anything better anywhere, you are a sadly misguided soul.
Oh, sure, zrumon. We don't know for sure that this is a crisis for now. So, as you suggest,let's hold off. If this is determined to be an actual crisis, we can be sure that our champion in the White House will step up and take meaningful action - like going to the pool hall for a beer and some laughs.
Oh, gosh! Americans shot down by Russian sympathizers while Israel invades Gaza. Talk about major crises! This is so serious that President Zero will likely stop what he is doing and head for a fundraiser or a pool hall. Yes, it is just THAT serious!
Now, now..... We all need to remember that it needs to be very, very simple for liberals. White = racist. Straight = homophobic. Male = oppressor. And so it goes. While it is intellectually lazy, it nevertheless is the only method of thought processing they seem to handle. Oh, wait..... "Thought" was the wrong word in the last sentence. Thinking is taboo for them: it is all about emoting.
It would not be the first time this sort of thing was done.
We must all pause and remember that liberals can only process easy equations that are dictated to them from one of their comrades. Complex thinking is much too much trouble for them. Ergo people believe the Fluke-Off's of the world and their convoluted and disjointed babbling.
A recent Fort Worth Star-Telegram had front page headlines reading that "Windy" was quoted as being brave enough to believe in our "tomorrow" and our "children".......just not the tomorrows of many totally innocent and totally defenseless children still in their mothers' wombs. What a greasy crock of worthless words!
Why, yes, Dave. You of course, are referring to Judge Benedict Roberts.
True....and that is the most discouraging thing of all. The night that Zero was reelected in 2012 is when it hit me. Since that time, I have been on the floor - face down - praying for this country daily. We have a huge moron component in the US. Thanks for that, liberals.
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