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sgrossman, you must be pulling our legs. Anyone with just one firing neuron - just one - would be incapable of publishing such moronic, unexamined ramblings. That rock that dropped is better at critical thinking than you are.
That arrogant jerk is yet another reason I gave up on the NFL. Two seasons ago, I finally had enough with some of the dipwads like Costas/Olbermann/etc., the numerous thugs who play the game, the embarassing MTV Super Bowl halftime shows, the undue reverence of many of the game's chest-thumping bad boys and more. I quit watching altogether, and I have not missed it whatsoever. And my schedule is much more open than it had been. I heartily recommend it to everyone. Give it a try, folks. Take a few Sunday afternoons off and do something else - preferably with your loved ones. You may wish you had done it long ago.
Harry wouldn't make a role model for a maggot. And one of the Zerocare lies that has been forgotten (seemingly) was that the piece of trash would have been discussed and hashed out in front of the nation. I believe Zero said that all the hearings would have been on C-Span. How about that one, pencil-neck Harry?
I wish that I could agree with Chuck because I admire him considerably. But I have put the NFL behind me. While there are a good number of fine guys playing, it seems that they have a tremendously high percentage of low-lifes. So, I quit watching last year and haven't missed it at all. In fact, I am enjoying life better without it. Besides, I grew weary of the pathetic Super Bowl half-time entertainment - not to mention their spurning the commercial about the husband/father who was advocating protecting his home with a firearm and the fact that they raised holy you-know-what when Rush Limbaugh wanted to buy into the Rams. They don't need me, I don't need them and am unwilling to boost their ratings by having a TV turned on to an NFL game. Liberated and loving it!!
...and it HAS been very much for the WORSE.
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Krauthammer: "Harry, Give It Up"

Tony3575 Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 7:46 PM
Amen, Warrior! This is splendid. God save the nation!!
Oh, sure. Let's swallow anything that ABC news flings out there.
As Dennis Miller quipped about this broad: "What a waste of a hypen!"
Amen cubed! Benedict Roberts strikes again.
Congrats, Virginia. Heap on the liberalism. You will live to regret it, Scholars.
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