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Obama Camp Melts Down Over Ryan's Speech

Tony131 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 11:19 AM
All of the DNC talking points for their convention. NO DIALOGUE on JOBS, just ...Why won't the Republicans kill their young, provide birth control, and unlimited beneifts?
With a slight change in a word or two....nothing worse than "man" scorned. Obama's Tinkle Guy.
You mean where the religon of love is practiced? Where little boys are OK for the taking...for the cause? Have you ever heard a Dem or Lefty say radical Muslims are wrong or the treatment of women are? Really would like to hear POTUS "condemn" the treatment, if he asked Valarie she may let him. No, they say we need to understand them. I would pay for Babbie Boxer to spend a month in Iran.
Anne Dunn tool for Valarie. How can she have all this time to campaign when she stated she was so busy between the sheets and stiding? WHERE is her MONEY coming from? OBAMA BUILT....IT WORKS
OBAMA BUILT....IT WORKED. Now he has ordered printed cards for the reporters to make it easier than remembering what questions to ask.
And what ever happens keep the Boys away from Home Land Security
And what ever happens keep the Boys away from Home Land Security
Always know Holder never has been and independent in any moves' he has made in his career. Clinton pardons, Balck F & F. Even money the link is there for and OBAMA BUILT.
Forever she will be known as the gal who lied three times for Obama. What a shame no pride what so ever. It is all part of the OBAMA BUILT TEAM......It works
Doing a press conference now. Just said his campign ads are "fair" and accurate. I can see his nose growing between hos ah's. an's, and duh's. No tlepromoter no talker, or he is imitating Biden?
OBAMA BUILT TEAM....IT WORKS don't look for the media to correct abything.
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