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Without the talent to even make a Little League team I doubt he qualifies to know what a JV is.
He speaks roughly and holds a small olive twig that can't be confused with a weapon of any sort.
'As soon as someone thought of it and someone else found a good time to do it' answers the 1stpart, 'because they could' answers the 2nd part.
OMG! That's a rebuttal of the demoncrat strategy for losing soldiers, battles, and wars for which they have been infamous since they joined us to the UN.
Please explain, did the church not 'essentially rule the western world for almost a thousand years' and/or is that period not 'referred to as The Dark Ages for very good reasons'?
The Catholic Church essentially ruled the western world for almost a thousand years, that period in now referred to as 'The Dark Ages" for very good reasons.
MLK's quote didn't mention the rich black leadership because in his time it was not that significant but today the black leadership is very rich and really does defraud the blacks.
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Please Stop Helping Us

tonistimmel Wrote: Jul 30, 2014 12:38 PM
I've never heard Walter ever ask for help except in the cases of legal barriers aimed at blacks.
You will never see a demoncrat sponsored bill that is actually 'Anti-Poverty' for the simple reason that the votes of the impoverished are so much cheaper for them to buy than the votes of the middle class are for them to earn. Remember what Tip O'Niel said when the republicans took the House? "We've made them rich enough to vote Republican."
I thought it had already been established that he did not teach that course, he merely collected a paycheck for a Jesse Jackson Set-Aside job as an assistant instructor. It was the same for Moooooooooooo-shell's job at the University of Chicago.
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