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Did the Secret Servants make everyone leave their shoes outside? I ask because no one threw any or did they but it wasn't DNC approved for media reporting.
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Dem Pollster: Yep, We're in Trouble

tonistimmel Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 6:37 PM
Does this mean His Omnipotence Obozo will have to cancel the election?
Calling Putin a thug and a commie is sort of meanless in a comparison with Obozo, most comparisons mention their differences, not their similarities.
Given all the damage that he's already set in motion or done that these five things will have no effect on, he'll be rated as poor or worse no matter what he does from now on.
Obozo, as a Quality brand name, makes the Nash label look like Rolls-Royce, even on himself. Carter is looking more and more like George Washington every day.
Hear! Hear!
Not too mention that the TEA Party is composed of realists while the peaceniks were grass smoked dreamers.
I loved it, connecting "Nobel Prize winning scientist" and Obozo with an infinitive! It doesn't get any richer than that.
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New Assaults on American Law

tonistimmel Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 11:04 PM
I have doubts about this being unfair, if our government is represented by lawyers as incompetent in what they do as their boss, Obozo, is at what he does, they should be covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (Stupidity in law) and this would tend to lessen the imbalance and therefore represent a handicap.
And that could solve our incumbency problems too. We'd have no need for term limits because we wouldn't have to wait for the next election to clean the DC Toilet Bowl. God forbid, we might discover that honorable citizens were interested in running for office if they wouldn't have to mingle constantly with the scum of the earth, aka politicians and lawyers.
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