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The Arms Race that Won't Happen

TommyD6of11 Wrote: Jul 08, 2012 10:24 PM
Evidence? Just listen to the hundreds of times the Iranians brag about getting close to getting nukes. As for evidence for the CIA, what do you think Obama was talking about when his staff leaked (bragged) about the Stuxnet cyberwar worm setting back Iran's nuclear weapons efforts. Obviously, Obama thinks Iran is building nukes and I'm pretty sure Obama doesn't get his talking points from Fox News.
If you want to understand the intensifying showdown between the United States and Iran, consider the headline in The Washington Post on the threat of rapid nuclear proliferation: "Many Nations Ready to Break into Nuclear Club."

It highlights one of the dangers cited by those who favor military action against Iran. President Barack Obama says that if Iran gets the bomb, "other players in the region would feel it necessary to get their own nuclear weapons. So now you have the prospect of a nuclear arms race in the most volatile region in the world."

A plausible threat? It may sound that way....