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Let’s Have That Conversation About Guns

TommyD6of11 Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 10:40 PM
Rational_too is the kind of creep like Princeton University's Peter Singer (google him) who believes its OK to kill a baby up to age 2 yrs old. That's right. And, he's not alone. Lib bio-ethicists (redundancy, since nearly all of them are Libs) are now arguing the right of a mother, for any reason, to murder her children up to age 3 y/o. Google "Past Birth Abortion" and "Slate Magazine" for an excellent article on the next logical extension of Lib logic toward the not yet born. PS - Rational, contrary to what you said below, many people do hold religious services for their child who die as a result of a miscarriage.

For once I agree with liberals. It’s high time to have a conversation about guns. Let’s start with the problem that there are far too few guns on our streets.

Wait, we can’t have that conversation. In fact, we’re not supposed to have what people might commonly describe as a “conversation” at all. We’re supposed to shut-up and listen as liberals, barely masking their unseemly delight at the opportunity, try to pin the murder rampage of one degenerate creep on millions of law-abiding Americans who did nothing wrong. The conversation is then supposed to end with us waiving our fundamental right...