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Winning After Losing on Gay Marriage

Tommy_Maq Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 1:44 PM
""I can guarantee you that if your rights are violated I will be right there beside you fighting for them." Not only will no one believe you on that, I have to wonder if even you really believe that. " So in addition to speaking for everyone, you also think you know Jack better than Jack does? Your outrageous and obviously indefensible claims are making my argument for me; you don't know what you're talking about, and attack and impugn to try to distract from the clear evidence for that conclusion; your special pleading will continue to lose the argument for you, just exactly as long as you keep stupidly doing it.

As a lawyer, I sometimes have to deliver news that clients don’t want to hear. Here’s some for conservatives. The gay marriage fight is over. It is here to stay, and conservatives – whether for it, against it or just tired of hearing about it – need to coolly and dispassionately figure out just how we are going to win going forward.

This is not a judgment about its pros and cons. We’re past that. None of it matters anymore. This is about dealing with reality. Whether the fight ends with a Constitution-twisting Supreme Court ruling or after years or...