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Winning After Losing on Gay Marriage

Tommy_Maq Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 1:41 PM
"Your definition of "Bigotry" is what made you Tommy. Also known as your Mother and Father:) " Bigotry means trying to prevent other people from enjoying rights that you enjoy, which is obviously apt in this case as so many try to prevent millions of consenting adults from enjoying the protection for their contracts that hetero couples enjoy. You are free to ignore that point, but all the people who aren't deluded by their mythical texts know better. When you learn to evaluate your claims _honestly_ on the basis of _logic and evidence_ you will also come around.

As a lawyer, I sometimes have to deliver news that clients don’t want to hear. Here’s some for conservatives. The gay marriage fight is over. It is here to stay, and conservatives – whether for it, against it or just tired of hearing about it – need to coolly and dispassionately figure out just how we are going to win going forward.

This is not a judgment about its pros and cons. We’re past that. None of it matters anymore. This is about dealing with reality. Whether the fight ends with a Constitution-twisting Supreme Court ruling or after years or...