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Cyprus, Spain, and the Lie of the Day

Tom in Delaware Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 7:29 AM
This is just the Beta test....if Cypriots swallow the load then you can be sure that the Spaniards are's not like any of these people have guns and could put up resistance or anything! The reason these countries have to steal directly out of their citizen's bank accounts is because the US Dollar is not the currency used in major commodity transactions (think OIL). Here in the United States the Obama administration can just print more's a far more clever way to steal from the population. But most people live in a state of denial (Don't Even Notice I'm Always Lying)....they're lying to themselves that "it won't happen to us....not here". Then they're shocked when the *&#^ hits the fan.

Direct robbery of Spanish citizens would net Spain about €120 Billion according to economist Niño Becerra who says "Cyprus Solution is Feasible, Can Be Extrapolated to Spain"

Santiago Niño Becerra, Professor of Economics at the University Ramon Llull in Barcelona, says a tax as imposed on Cyprus in exchange for bailout, would be possible and that "it is very clean, unlike a freeze all balances, which would be a mess."

Through his twitter account,...