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And let's not forget the MSM's pile-on of Mitt Romney when he dared suggest that this was a terrorist attack and not because of some silly video....and their continued support of the cover-up right into the 2nd debate....Candy Crowley was the lead blocker for Obama all the way till the election. I hate them all.
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Nazis at the Beach

Tom in Delaware Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 7:39 AM
As a young submariner in port in La Maddalena off the northern coast of Sardinia I remember going across the causeway to the Garibaldi National Park where we found an old German Fortress. Everything but the guns were still there. We camped in the Fortress that night and only learned after we returned that fires were not allowed in the park. There were all kinds of old and abandoned artifacts in those islands....I'm sure they're still turning to rust to this day.
I had a discussion yesterday with my sister (all things Liberal) over the Hobby-Lobby ruling....she disagreed because she believes that if you want to open a business then it shouldn't have religion in it. 'Fair enough', I said, 'but do you believe our country was founded on 'Business Regulation' or 'Religious Freedom'? End of conversation.........
So what Temple did the Romans destroy in the 70 AD Jewish uprising?
Israel swapped One-Thousand Palestinians for One hostage a couple of years back....I think the ratio should be the same for Palestinians slaughtered each of the three teenagers killed by Hamas. The only thing these fanatics understand is devastating pain...that's what finally stopped the rockets the last time with Operation Cast Lead.....and it was a Thousand-to-One ration then. For every rocket fired into Israel there should be One-Thousand artillery rounds fired indiscriminately into Gaza.
Why? And please, save us all the 'Jewish Occupation' of Arab/Palestinian lands canard.
Correct - For instance, OKLAHOMA is translated to 'Red People' in Choctaw.....and the 'Red River' that runs on it's border will have to go too. And the fact that these 'Inconvenient Truths' (couldn't help myself) exist further proves the bias of the MSM and the activists that whine about this in the first place.
Liberals want a pat-on-the-back and flashbulbs for every prediction of doom whether it's about the Wars in the Gulf, Global Warming or immigration, then, when their predictions turn out to be wrong, they just plow through with another idiotic prediction as if all their other ones never happened. At the same time they want to hold up for all to see the exaggerated and distorted situations over Iraq and use them to demand that Republicans be censored from speech....Triumphantly they seize upon any perceived wrongdoing as the perfect excuse for minimizing or forgetting their own. Hence, the double-standard..........If Liberals didn't have double-standards then they would have no standards at all.
The Choctaw word for 'Red People' is Oklahoma. American Indian warriors that protected the tribe were allowed to dye their bodies red as a symbol of honor....hence the term, REDSKINS. 90% of American Indians surveyed have no problem with the word REDSKINS but that means nothing to the Left.....truth, common sense and facts are totally irrelevant.....there are 5 people offended so the campaign to bring down the Redskins must not fail. I've been an Eagles fan my whole life and have loathed the Redskins, but I've never been a more fervent supporter of Dan Synder and the team as I am now. GO REDSKINS! And do whatever you must to stand up to the Left-wing lies and bullying....stick it to them where the sun don't shine.
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You Bet This is Swiftboating

Tom in Delaware Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 6:53 AM
"Hasn't Obama pushed girls, gays and transgenders on the military?" It always amazes me that Liberals will cry like the Missouri about Gitmo being 'a recruiting tool for terrorists' that MUST be closed because it's so awful but they blind themselves to the notion that the Islamo-Fascists go crazy at the idea of homosexuality and brutally repress anyone and anything that supports it....a real and actual 'recruiting tool'. Gitmo could fall into the ocean and it wouldn't matter a bit to the Muslim terrorists, but the US Army embracing the gays, lesbians and transgenders is proof-positive that the United States is the 'Great Satan'. And that simple truth is lost on Democrats, Liberals and the MSM.....idiots.
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Wrong Lessons from Cantor Defeat

Tom in Delaware Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 8:27 AM
Don't conflate Lindsey Grahams' victory, where he had 6 opponents, to the idea that Amnesty is still OK. In every other tight race where there is a Tea Party candidate versus an Establishment guy, the Tea Party wins.
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