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E-cigarettes have become the bane of the Health Insurance Industry because nicotine is the agent they use to detect whether an individual is a smoker. The other agents in tobacco are what causes cancer - not nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive agent but, by itself, is not a carcinogen. Since e-cigarettes only posses nicotine and no carcinogens, their entire vehicle for determining whether a person is a smoker or not falls to pieces unless they are able to get e-cigarettes classified the same as regular cigarettes. If sugar was to be considered unhealthy and the insurance companies wanted to be able to charge you more for using it they would simply measure the amount of sugar in your body....not whether their was carbonation or cola flavoring or such. E-cigarettes pose a threat to the way the $$$ cow is run, hence, either they have to be controlled by the Industry or the way the Insurance Companies test for smoking has to change.....and that will cost them FAR much more than influencing a bunch or Liberal politicians they're already in bed with....DO THE MATH!
Time for Pakistan to start testing nukes...in the Tribal Area of Western Pakistan.
Cannibalism, while repellant, sometimes happens when people have no food. The Donner party is a fine example. EIT's, or torture, or whatever you want to call it to fit your spin, falls into the same category. If Mr. X has information that I need to stop more of his murderous plans then let's have a family reunion for him so he can watch the whole tribe be humiliated, suffocated, mutilated, etc......ANYTHING to say that I tried my best to stop those plans from happening, even if it fails. And that's the ONLY way I'd sleep good at night, knowing that at least I tried to save the people I loved. And if you're one of these people that doesn't 'approve' of these measures you'd best stay the hell away from me lest you become collateral damage. There's a reason that 59% of the American people approve of these methods...but Liberals can only explain away their conviction as if those people don't possess a Liberals' moral superiority. These same Liberals REFUSE to answer what they would do if they found themselves in such a situation....ALWAYS. And yet they can't explain why Obama, while talking out of one side of his mouth, refuses to put a ban on rendition or EIT's. Nancy Pelosi and the Dems presented Bush with a bill that would outlaw EIT's, which he promptly vetoed.....but these same Dems did not present THE SAME BILL for Obama to sign while he was poo-pooing the whole 'torture' thing....even when they controlled the House and the Senate....WHY? I'll tell you why....POLITICS.
I love the Lefts' term: 'Military-Style Assault Guns-ewwww, it's soooo scary. Do you know how many military's use the 'Military-Style Assault Gun'? Zero....they use ACTUAL Assault Guns - AKA Fully-Automatic weapons. They don't care how it looks....they care what it can do.
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The Man Hating Media

Tom in Delaware Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 7:32 AM
It absolutely will happen again and because of the same reason that another Michael Brown is going to be killed......the Left never learns from it's mistakes. For that to happen they'd have to admit they were wrong in the first place. Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different result.....he also said the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its' limits.
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The CIA and Its Torturers

Tom in Delaware Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 6:42 AM
Judge, you make the leap that the destroyed tapes contained images of torture, which may be the case, but the truth is you don't know that....it's just your assumption. Judging with the standards of hindsight and a perfect world to the chaotic times of post-911 is as righteous as it gets and I wouldn't expect it from you. Classifying pouring water on someones head with a doctor present hardly constitutes torture in my mind, frankly, I had much worse in the Damage Control Trainers while training for nuclear-powered submarines. I know that SERE training actually waterboards its' trainees...par for the course. But here's the bottom line....in a Utopian world, no one would ever need to be waterboarded, tortured or interrogated for any reason.....but we don't live in that world. We live in a world where Islamo-Facists willingly behead people in the name of their religion. If 'torturing' one of them to save the life of someone I cared for is the price to pay for their safety.....then hand me the needle-nose pliers.....you can keep the pitcher of water. Like it or not.....that is the real world
And let's not forget the 'Congressional Black Caucus', whose only requirement for membership (and only allowable requirement) is the color of your skin (Black, don't you know). Makes no difference if you're a different color and represent a district that is majority Black....you don't belong and can't get in....you gotta be Black...period. We actually have a law that requires Jerry-mandering of Congressional districts just so that Blacks are grouped together so that Blacks (who vote based on the color of the candidates skin) will be elected to Congress....to then join the Blacks Only "Congressional Black Caucus'. Ironically, the primary focus of the Congressional Black Caucus is to point out how racist White people are......can't make this stuff up! If ever we are to flourish as a society without racism then all Government Agencies have to remove all the boxes on all the forms that ask what your race, tribe, national origin or ethnicity is....only then can we judged by our character and not bt the color of our skin....exactly like MLK said so many years ago.......oh, how far we have strayed.
Didn't I hear someone once say that all troops would be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014? I think it was at an address at a graduation ceremony at West Point or something?!? (Sarcasm Alert)
"Actually, that's a weakness of all human beings once a narrative has been established." Not all human being, just dysfunctional human beings (but that's a lot!)....like Rush famously stated, "If you want to anger a Liberal then tell him the truth, if you want to anger a Conservative then tell him a lie".
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The Willfully Ignorant

Tom in Delaware Wrote: Dec 04, 2014 7:02 AM
As to why Blacks continue to vote Democrat even though they are bamboozled year after year is an interesting phenomenon. People who have been conned or duped, while embarrassed, do not want to admit that they've been taken to the cleaners...their egos tell them that if they admit to believing a lie then others will think they are stupid, so they continue to behave as if THAT never happened and so it has to be something ELSE that is the cause of their misfortune.....even if that decision is more stupid itself. Living in Delaware I see a large influx of people from New Jersey and Philadelphia who have moved here to avoid paying the exuberant taxes foisted on them from both of those places. I always ask them if they are going to vote for Republicans now that they're here and the answer is always the same...."I'll NEVER vote for a $@#&% Republican!!!" Then I ask them who was responsible for the high taxes where they came from....that's when they call me a racist. It's ALWAYS something other than the obvious for these people....just like when it's obvious that MB is dead because of MB....but to them it has to be ANYTHING else....something so insufferably far-fetched to the rest of us that we just have to laugh or shake our heads in disbelief. The police can wear 7 cameras on their bodies and nothing will change unless Black Culture stops its hostility towards the police and starts dealing with reality.
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