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US Spends as Much in Iraq Now as During Combat Ops

Icthelite Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 12:42 PM
CLIP*** "The US is not engaged in combat in Iraq, but it is still spending $4 billion a month in Iraq, which is about what the US was spending when it had combat forces there." ***END OF CLIP. Now come on.. Do you really think the DOD was going to show a reduction in spending and leave money on the table? Typical government mentality is you always spend the monies’ that have been allocated to you. If you don’t you may not get them next year. I write this form firsthand experience.

Iraq-US: For the record. Iraqi auditors believe as much as US $800 million is being sent out of the country illegally each week, according to a report by the US Special Inspector General released Tuesday. His findings point to widespread money laundering and focus attention on lax oversight at Iraq's central bank, which is at the heart of a probe into alleged financial wrongdoing involving its former governor and other top officials.

Comment: That is more than $41 billion a year with nothing to show for it and no accountability and after the departure...

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