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Good point about Springsteen. In his comments he doesn't use the vicious hatred of conservatives as other artists do (remember Pearl Jam took a mask or head of president bush and kicked it all over the stage?) Springsteen does however, constantly preach socialism and bashes capitalism in his interviews and is never challenged. You would think someone of his stature would get interview request from conservative columnists. I bet he does and refuses them.
I stopped going to movies in 1999. I heard the remake of Shaft took a shot at Mayor Giuliani so I stopped paying to feed these Hollywood leftists. (interesting part about that story. The guy who wrote the script didn't put that line in it so it was probably added by the director or producer.)
Lets support those who speak of conservative values and those who criticize Obama. Gene Simmons (KISS) admits to supporting Obama in 2008 But went on to discover and speak out against his policies, Joe Perry (Aerosmith) recently said in an interview that he's an old school republican, and then there's Ted Nugent.
I stopped listening to Springsteen about 12 years ago. I should've stopped about 30 years ago.
I think I speak for about %99.9999 of Americans when I say I never heard of the far right wing Afrikaner Resistance Movement in South Africa.
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