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Silent Scream

Tom358 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 4:46 AM
Next, will be the more difficult task of determining which laws must be reversed and which must be strengthened so that the next assault by those America-haters will fall short of the abyss which we are staring at right now. Those institutions which come to mind as either broken, needing rewriting or repeal include: voting laws, unions in government, rewriting US history by the education dept, restriction in the number of lawyers by national quotas at law schools, suspension of financial derivatives and computer trading, suspension of junk political curriculums in accredited colleges, rollback and capping of educational fees at state colleges, repeal of NCLB, bilingual education, affirmative action.

This is not about the 1960’s book Silent Spring, written by the environmentalist Rachael Carson.  It is about the 1960’s people who read the book and who fought against the pesticides released in the environment about which Carson  wrote.  Now known as the Baby Boomers, they went on to fight against civil rights injustice and fight against the Viet Nam war.  

It is about a group of people who read Hegel and Marx.  

They were misguided but willing, in their youthful idealism, to stand up and protest the perceived wrongs they saw occurring in their country and...