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He's a Democrat. What can you expect?
Republicans need to be careful. If Conger is the best candidate, select him. If Wehby is a better candidate, select her. Look at their overall records and qualifications. Also, recognize that Oregon is not Texas. The Democratic Party has essentially eliminated pro-life candidates. The Republican Party does a disservice if it eliminates pro-choice candidates who are otherwise qualified.
Actually, he did for many years.
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Is Cruz out of Control?

Tom2928 Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 5:25 PM
The government shutdown could have been a disaster for Republicans. Fortunately, the Obamacare rollout saved them. The debt ceiling is a pointless issue, with no real significance. Cruz accomplished nothing by playing games. Is his objective the same as Jim DeMint's who has stated that he would rather have 36 Senators who agree with him. You can't change things if you don't win. In some states, hardcore conservatives can win, in other states winners need to be more moderate.
Are you one of Rush Limbaugh's friends who stayed home rather than vote for Mitt Romney? If so, thanks a lot. The country would have been far better off with Mitt Romney as president, "fancy pants" or not. I'm getting tired of Tea Party types and people who call themselves "Conservatives but not Republicans" including Ted Cruz, who is obviously not interested in supporting the Republican party. If you vote for Hilary, you deserve what you get. Unfortunately, the country does not deserve it.
The choice is, what kind of senator do I want McConnell or a Democrat.
I'm tired of hearing such terms as RINO's, surrender caucus, and establishment Republican. While the "true conservatives" are hammering at conservative Republicans who might just disagree with the defunding tactics espoused by Ted Cruz, the Democrats are getting a free pass. How many viable candidates have been defeated by people who couldn't beat the Democrats? People such as Mourdock, Angle, Williams, and Akin. Both Reagan and Buckley are turning over in their graves.
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