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No Longer a Republican

Tom2928 Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 12:59 PM
Matt Barber has made the Republican Party better by leaving. The Republicans do not need people who would rather have a party that excludes anyone who is not a "pure 100% Conservative". The Republicans who won in 2012 do not take power until January. Judge them on what the do after that time. They have not betrayed anyone, except those who would rather have a pure, but powerless minority than an imperfect majority.
Why isn't Code Pink being investigated as a hate group? Never mind. I know the answer. They are lefties.
The real Hilary has shown up. A primary between Hilary and Elizabeth Warren would be an exercise in phony populism coupled with economic illiteracy.
Do you think the AFL-CIO would support a real independent (if one existed). Orman is a lowlife Democrat who will be yet another Harry Reid lapdog.
Obviously, Davis believes that the only issue is and the only allowable view is pro-choice.
Intellect and Lena Dunham do not belong in the same sentence.
Another college full of gutless lefties. A conservative columnist is disinvited from a forum where all viewpoints are to be discussed. Lefties are so devoid of ideas that they must prevent anyone from challenging them.
I stand by my statements. If he sends troops, he will have to deal with real opposition and sanctions. By playing a double game he can destabilize Ukraine and create a loose confederation where Donets and Lughansk are under his effective control, similar to parts of Georgia and Moldova. I also stand by my statement that Ron Paul is an idiot and a danger to the Republican Party.
WJF might not be a liberal. He might be a conservative with sense enough to see Putin for the corrupt dictator that he is. If you want comments on Ron Paul's statements, consider that there is no evidence that the revolt by the Ukrainian people was instigated the the United States and the EU, but there is plenty of evidence that MH-17 was shot down by Russian soldiers or "separatists".
Is Ron Paul an idiot or what? The so-called separatists are Russians or mercenaries employed by Putin who has supplied them with rocket launchers and other weaponry. The last I looked at a map, Donets and Lughansk were part or Ukraine (in fact, so was Crimea). The Ukrainian people have a right to determine their leaders free from the corrupt and brutal Putin regime. I hope Rand Paul has more sense than his father. If not, I hope Republicans have sense enough to pick another candidate.
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