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Memo for: Team Romney - Subject: The Candidates and Talk Radio

Tom24 Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 8:11 AM
I have noticed that Paul Ryan has been on The Mark Levine show many times to Romeny's zero appearances. I am guessing that Levine is a little more scary to rhino Romeny that most but also presume this appearance disparity is still somewhat representative of his appearances on other conservative talk radio in general. I thus conclude that this may be the explanation for the suddently "unexplained" overflowing crowds at Romeny rallies now that Romney chose Ryan. The crowds are fans of Ryan because they know him from conservative Talk Radio. You are so right that the MSM and rhino political consultants of the type Romney uses are so totally clueless. They know not where the power and enthusiasm in the electorate lies.
Hunrodr Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 9:51 AM
considering the fact that you're basing your assumption on what he did as a GOVENOR and not a state rep voting in DC using the term rhino is not very accurate. romneycare was a single action....can you name others that make you think mitt will act like a rhino as president? if i had to make a guess i'd be willing to bet you consider yourself to be a "social conservative" want to pick pick pick because you didn't get your way with ron close am i tom?

This is a long memo, born of two decades of frustration with the Beltway sharpies who run campaigns and are clueless about talk radio. There is no hostility here, just frustration with the invincible ignorance of the consulting class that wouldn't know the difference between a Thursday afternoon drive show in Denver and a late night dollar-a-holler stick in Flat Plains, Nowhere.

By way of background, I began my talk radio career in 1990. In the 22 years since, I have covered six presidential races. Before that I watched two presidential races from within the Reagan Administration, and...

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