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Who Are You Calling Stupid?

Tom2309 Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 6:24 AM
I am inclined to view the stupid ones as those who rely solely upon the mainstream media for their awareness of things going on in the USA and around the world. These are the Utopianists and blinder-wearing Americans who are not only stupid but actually fear knowing the truth. Their opinions are made up of sound bites spoken to them in 5-7 second burst messages - with most of these "trust me" messages believed even though they do not even know the names of people they see who are programming their uncritical minds.
Obama gives whatever type of speech he feels is necessary to please what is usually a hand-picked audience - always supporters of his messiah-like portrayal of his POTUS personna. I am convinced that he NEEDS adulation and worship due to his overt, narcissistic personality and he switches 100% into his Speech mode and turns himself into a performer and not the President of the USA. In this mode, Obama mind engineers words to speak that will gain him applause and he is not even listening to the content of what he is saying. If boldfaced lies are needed to generate that so-needed appluase, he tells lies. And the consequences of his spoken speech lies are nothing for him to worry ever worry about at all. This is because the MSM will either not bother to publish anything to expose his lies OR he will simply lie again if he is called out for his lies during some subsequent interview. Note how nothing is EVER Obama's fault .. but always a deficiency in someone else or in some other government community. After 6+ years of him conducting himself in such a manner, with no reservations, no consequences and, therefore, no shame, I am convinced that there is truly something wrong and outright dangerous in the nature of the applause seeking, puppet person that is Barack Hussein Obama. When his Presidency is over, the speaking engagements slows down due to public and corporate disinterest, he is apt the fall apart emotionally.
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D-Day is Dumb Day for Too Many

Tom2309 Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 8:13 AM
Allied forces invaded German positions on the coast of Normandy France. They landed at 5 predesignated beaches on this coastline - the 5 you mentioned. There was a time - for the first 50 years or so of my life - when every newspaper in the USA would, on the morning of 6 June, show a black and white still photo of American troops landing on German-held Normandy beaches on the morning of D-Day. Now we get sone idiotic story on someone who says they are "offended" by someone, something or some organization. All I can say - to those few remaining D-Day veterans - is, "Thank You for your courageous, historic acts".
It has been a terrible year for Americans, Chris. Your self-absorption with Obama and the man crush you have on him even now, shows how utterly blind you are. Maybe it is time for you to think about what happens outside the elitist confines of Manhattan - where 99.9% of Americans live. Watching you on TV is simply unbearable. I have tried to see and hear you myself from time to time but you simply refuse to admit the truth. The man you are so smitten with is a complete failure and your willingness to look the other way and ignore the signs of his lifelong mediocrity - his thoroughly unremarkable personal resume - is proof of your failure as a so-called journalist or opinion-maker. Obama has failed and so have you.
More importantly, those who designed and are building it say security has not been made a part of ObamaCare at all to any real extent. Loss of personal data to malevolent forces is not Obama's concern and those who get screwed are simply casualties of war in his eyes. To Obama, all of us are expendable in his quest for his legacy. Ironically, it is his landmark legislation that will ruin the very legacy he so fervently desires - the 21st century FDR. If ever an Army saying was appropriate to define ObamaCare, no better phrase exists than FUBAR - Fuc*ed up beyond ALL recognition !!
The man is simply as unwatchable as Rachael Maddow. Seeing as Maddow is the TV equivalent of fingernails dragged across a blackboard, I cannot think of a better way to convey how unwatchable Obama truly is. And when I see the cheering, usually young audiences sitting as props behind him as he conducts yet another of his Professor Obama lectures, the only thing that could be added to those images to drive home the "propiness" of those audiences would be if each of them wore little signs across their chests that read, "I'm With Stupid".
I object to the word "ruthlessly" displayed in the headline. Speaking the truth is ruthless? Or is it that facts CAN seem ruthless - when from the eyes of those whose lies are being exposed by them?
Yep.. as long as Obama suspects he can maintain even the slimmest of vote margins, your own personal future is of no concern to him at all. To him, you are political cannon fodder - acceptable casualties in his quest for a legacy for him alone.
It will be called Death By Deductible. After seeing premiums double and deductible ceilings skyrocket, some sick people will decide they cannot go to a doctor - and will die from an illness far more serious than they suspected. The "affordable" care they were promised will become a financial millstones that will lead to senseless deaths for the "cause" Obama decides is important to his legacy.
Remember, Beckel's highest pinnacle of fame was managing the POTUS campaign of Fritz Mondale - who carried his home state only and lost ALL of the other 49. Listening to Beckel as an authority on anything is the exercise of a fool.
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