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Actually, Saudi Arabia is a specific nation located on the Arabian peninsula along with Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrein, and the United Arab Emirates (Dhubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.). They are all Arabs or Arabians. There is no separate nation called "Arabia".
The vast majority of Christians, particularly evangelical Christians, are socially and politically conservative and are very much against Obama and all that he stands for. Carlos7, where in the world did you come up with the extremely wrong idea that Christians are "for" Obama!?!? Wow, are you wrong. I suppose that there are some liberal self described Christians that love Obama but the majority think he is very bad and is destroying our nation.
Great article! But the 3 examples of college majors that I would have used would not have been accounting, engineering, and computer sciences...". They would have been "sociology, art history, and gender studies..." (and many more like music, Asian art, philosophy, and so on..). People think that all they have to do is "get a college degree" in something that interests them and they will be on easy street. They should always be thinking, "Who is going to pay me to do this?".
It's only been a week.... give it time
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Who Really Cares About the Poor?

Tom20 Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 10:40 PM
Remember, the goal of the left is not that poor people get jobs or become wealthier. It is that all people are equal; that no one has any more than someone else, no matter the risks that they take or how successful that their business efforts might be (and no matter how many jobs they might be able to create in the process). Given that, it does not matter to leftists/Democrats if socialism "works" in the way we think of something being successful or not. If everyone is equal, then, no matter the standard of living that everyone has, they will consider the condition of everyone to be a success.
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