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They're merely following Obama's lead. If you can change a law without Congressional approval, a liberal editing of that silly little pledge is a no-brainer.
Spot on! Of course, the only greedy business owners are on the other side of the aisle. NOT!
No moron, YOU Google it. The last resort of a mindless, incompetent tool who can't muster one verifiable fact to support her drooling musings. Either put up or shut up loadedass.
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Senator Patrick Leahy deserves an Oscar

Tom189 Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 1:42 PM
Do you have evidence he is not?
Texans will keep Pelosi lite sitting on her rear end in whatever liberal hovel she chooses to retire to. Jut gotta keep those Californios that have moved here segregated, isolated and outvoted.
Don't confuse morons with the facts, you're wasting the best part of your time.
Your spelling sucks, your argument is specious on it's face. Did you have to work at being this stupid or does it come naturally?
A real stretch hypothetical from the resident appeaser.
Really? They have not invaded the Ukraine? Curious why unbadged Soviet troops surrounded the Ukrainian army base. Curious why they disabled the local air force base. Yep, under your explanation I'm assuming it's not an invasion until they actually break out of the "Russian" enclave and march on Kiev. Kind of like Hitler's excuse for "liberating" the Sudetenland. Hypothetically, the Mexican army could come to the aid of all their compatriots in the Southwest US because they speak predominantly Spanish and they have long and strong cultural ties to Mexico. You sir, are a hypocritical apologist.
Hey Corbett...Neville CHamberlain's ghost is calling. You are mothing more than an enabler of the lowest degree. WAAAAH, it's all the big bad Americans' fault. What a maroon you are.
Corbett...if the totality of your comments wasn't reminiscent of the "ostrich in the sand", I'd think you were less a student of history and more of one of those mealy mouthed Chamberlains of the world. The "Cold War" may have ended in your view, it was never OVER for the true Soviet and Chicom believers, merely hibernating. Now that this inept excuse of a President and Administration has shown their complete ignorance of the lessons of history (much as you have), his idea of peace through weakness and apology has brought us to this point. When will you show any backbone? Or will be subject to your continued mewling?
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