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Nice bit of ad hominem deflection by a resident Obama apologist. Try actually making a cogent argument against the points provided by Krauthammer. If that pimple between your shoulders actually contains brain matter.
Don't waste your breath on Carlos. His is mostly irrelevant to any conversation. I also have serious doubts as to whether he has ever listened to Mark Davis as opposed to the voices in his head.
Looks like a resident moron has crawled out of his hole. You couldn't shine Elmer's shoes, much less Mark Davis' on your best day. Let me know when you locate your brain in that part of your drawers covering your nether regions.
The clueless in North Carolina will richly deserve their fate if they re-elect Hagan. Unbelievably, women in the state are THAT in love with the Dems "War on Women"?
Then maybe you would like to develop a Venn diagram comparing Obama to Hitler or Stalin or Mao...your choice, expert.
Guessing Eastern Ukraine is simply a great vacation spot for the Soviet military to grap a little R&R. What a maroon.
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Mrs. Obama Declares War on Chick-fil-A

Tom189 Wrote: Jul 15, 2014 12:56 PM
You're partially right...it appears Chick-fil-A was simply an unintended victim of the Mooshelle's crusade. Might I add that you are indeed a moron. Have a nice day with your bottled water and fat-free kale chips.
What a pig....all he does his squeal.
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