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Blacks Are Fed Up with Obama; It’s about Time!

Tom189 Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 11:59 AM
Tsk tsk Robert. Name the party of the KKK, name the party that opposed civil rights legislation, name the party the blocked school entrances to prevent black children from entering, name the party that has created a culture of dependency among people of color, name the party that unequivocally supports an organization who's founder was committed to eliminating the black race (Planned Parenthood is your hint dufus). Any ideas in that diminutive brain of yours? Moron.
andrew299 Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 5:16 PM
Oh, that's the old (it is actually Democrat Party not democratic party) democratic party.
But I'm sure you already knew that being a NEW democrat, whatever that is.
I guess by NEW Democrat Party you mean the party of nearly 4000 abortions a day, the majority of which are black, the party of why work when you can take other people's money, the party of mean and hateful rhetoric, the party whose president has destroyed race relations in this country with his continuous divisiveness and the party of fraud and corruption.
Good luck with your NEW party Robert.
mread Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 12:05 PM
Tom... You rock! Perfectly put!

An increasing number of blacks appear to finally be getting angry with Obama. It’s just too bad it took four years and voting for Obama a second time for blacks to realize the president doesn’t care about their interests. Immigration and the president’s determination to get legislation passed granting amnesty to an estimated 11-20 million illegal aliens seems to be the straw that broke black liberals’ backs.

Recently some Black Americans have been calling into black talk radio shows like “Keeping it Real with Al Sharpton, complaining immigration is not an important issue to them. This is despite Al Sharpton’s...