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Don't you just love the hate speecheople like this write? The te party is the most peaceful group in the United States. It's why i always say Liberals can't be blamed for what they are. It is difficult to fix ignorance.
strike 3..you arew the most ill informed person I have ever seen write a post
another stupid comment
what a stupid comment
Noe Michelle is in on the lying game?? What the heck does she know anyway?
And the msnbc thinks it is a real news network? This is the left wing kokkie kook channel
Yup, Obama would learn to lie even better!!!
So DG, like I said all along, Paul Ryan won't push Grannny over the cliff, Omama and the extremist left wing liberals will. When liberals are in power, only liberal politicians are rich...ask Harry Reid. Everyone else lives to serve them....sounds like the evil empire, don't you think?
Beckel is a despicable human being.
Harry Reid is one of the most despcitable human beings on the face of the earth. I want to know how he has 10M in net worth being in public service all his life. Liberism...do as I say, not as I do.
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