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The Frequent Bomber Program

Tom1070 Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 10:56 AM
The more they terrorise against "the system", the more the Left likes them. Of course when they get into power they behave like proper Nazis. They have fits of palpitation over 4 suspected terrorists water-boarded under the Reps, but are care not 1 iota about the sky-rocketing number of drone attacks on "suspected militants" under Obama, and all the loss of innocent life killed in the process.

Dear Bill (Ayers):

I try not to use the word “jackass” too often. Whenever I start writing about you, however, that word just seems to fit into every sentence – sort of like Selah fits into a Davidic Psalm. In fact, found myself using a little profanity when I heard about your recent remarks at an occupy Wall Street gathering in New York City. Here they are in their unedited stupidity:

“We are living in a militarized society. That, that, it's clear what the message is from power. The message is that Occupy represents violence, and marginalization and insanity, when...