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Five Percent

togubin Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 5:09 PM
"Citizens were starving in the streets". Really? Where? Everyone knows that "starvation" is not a problem in the US. Obesity is, even in the lower classes. This is why reasonable people cannot talk to people like you. You simply MAKE THINGS UP, and think that clinches your point.
Polly1 Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 9:38 AM
Hmmm, Loyal Democrat seems to be catching more people than usual. Maybe because he/she hasn't posted in a while?
David1334 Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 9:34 AM
Living proof that our education dollars are wasted - you went through high school English without ever being taught the concept of irony.

The good news about coming to the end of November is that we will soon embark on December meaning the clock will be clicking toward January by which time the Fiscal Cliff business will dealt with.

Until the long scythe of the grim reaper signals the looming end of 2012, the parties to a potential solution will spend as much time posturing in public as parleying in private.

I gotta tell you. I don't understand all this anyway. I know my taxes are going up next year - one way or another. My rates will rise, my deductions will...