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Desperate Dems Hide Behind Big Bird

togubin Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 6:08 PM
Good grief. OF COURSE, PBS didn't cause the deficit alone. But it's one place to start. When foolish libs like you use the argument that something "didn't cause the deficit" that's a sure sign that it ought to be cut. It's astounding to me that you think a money-printing operation like PBS should still receive federal subsidies. You don't really have a problem with "millionaires and billionaires" receiving federal money -- just as long as their underlying philosophy is left-wing. Again -- good grief.
Mitt Romney sure ruffled a lot of feathers over his proposal to eliminate taxpayer funding for government-sponsored TV. As soon as the GOP presidential candidate singled out PBS for cuts during the presidential debate in Denver, the hysterical squawking commenced.

Left-leaning celebrities immediately erupted on Twitter. "WOW!!! No PBS!! WTF how about cutting congress's stuff leave big bird alone," Whoopi Goldberg fumed. "Mitt is smirky, sweaty, indignant and smug with an unsettling hint of hysteria. And he wants to kill BIG BIRD," actress Olivia Wilde despaired. "Who picks on Big Bird!!! #bulliesthatswho," actress Taraji Henson chimed in.

Social media activists called for a...