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Attack of the Concern Trolls

togubin Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 4:23 PM
"All things considered, a week that ends with a scumbag cop killer being dead is a good week. Rot in Hell, Christopher Dorner. " Agreed. I would add, a "scumbag LEFTIST cop killer".
sbemis Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 1:46 AM
God,Mr.Togubin,you are obviously a sick individual standing in the need of prayar.Can't you see that what happened last week was a tragedy for All concerned?I assume you are,in your depths,a better person than these words express.You are obviously hurting,and I feel bad for you.
TJS Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 7:49 AM
People who know right from wrong and choose to take the sinners path need more than prayer...even if they sit next to you in church every Sunday.

Turns out the New York Times is worried about the future of the Republican Party. So concerned, in fact, it has dedicated more than 6,000 words in this week’s magazine to explore, as the title puts it, “Can The Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?” Indeed, the folks at The Times seem extremely concerned that which they hate might not survive. And by “concerned” I mean they’re hoping.

That The Times would seek to harm Republicans, and more specifically conservatives, is about as shocking as Piers Morgan doing a special episode on the need for gun control. But that so...