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The Student-Loan Scam

Todd414 Wrote: May 02, 2012 9:35 AM
I have student loans. I dutifully pay them each month to the tune of $500 or so. I have no problem paying for them because I earned a degree that has actual income possibilities. I would bet that many of the folks clamoring for student debt relief either have, or are getting, degrees which have limited income potential. Any program that ends with the word "Studies" has no job potential. Many of the degrees given at higher learning institutions have no applicable job skills in that field because there are so few jobs in that field of study. How about this: Get a degree in a real major, like science, engineering, mathematics, business, and a host of others, that has a job at the end of it. Stop wasting time in useless majors.
I know exactly what my time off is worth. Feel free to peruse the Census data at Take a look at what the average educator makes and what the average private sector employee makes. My contract is for 182 days. Most folks are at 240. I make about 2/3 of what the private sector pays. The other third is paid in time off.
Unfortunately, in some states, Ohio included, I had to join the NEA to get the job. I can't fair-share my dues to charity like in other states. Freedom of association be damned!
Unfortunately, Ohio is not one of those states. My fair-share dues: about $550, union dues: about $25.
I get 20 days per year? A 36 hour work week? No proof of illness? Wow, I must work in the wrong district. My contract isn't nearly that lucrative. Actually, arvamus, I do see your point. I know what your main point is, but not all of us are as well-compensated as you think. Big city and suburban schools is where the bennies are, not in the rural districts (at least in Ohio.)
Remember, teachers get about two-thirds of the compensation of the private sector employee with equivalent education. You get the other third in time off, for summer break, holidays, sick-leave, etc...
I see many gripes about teachers here. You do realize, don't you, that the rank-and-file teacher is usually not a union officer and we have no choice but to join the union. Most of us actually teach because we like working with children and fostering their search for knowledge. There are those who are in it solely for themselves, to the detriment of the children, but most of us are good and decent folk. That being said, feel free to step up and join the profession. Get your BA or BS in a subject, get your MA or MS in education, and find a job. There are plenty of teaching jobs in science, mathematics, and special education. You can find jobs in all subjects in economically depressed areas. Join the easy life!
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Free the Markets, Mr. Romney

Todd414 Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 11:43 AM
Don't forget the faked moon landings!
Actually, voting is a right. Flying is not. That being said, I get your point and agree that ID should be required to vote.
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20 Only In America Ironies

Todd414 Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 1:13 PM
"...the blind thing just striked me as an ignorant statement." Striked?
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